The 15-Minute Ritual to Save Yourself

Hello Caregivers!

Sue Collins
Sue Collins

Do you approach the day with the same routine, wake up, hit the floor running trying to cram in as much as possible to your already overloaded schedule? Do you wake up and feel guilty for not having accomplished yesterday’s to-do list? First you start the coffee then check on your loved one, dressing, feeding and organizing the medicines for the day. Is there a doctor’s appointment or therapy to attend? Do you start the day felling stressed? Are you tired all the time or have you gained a few pounds? Is there anytime for you in this day?

Juggling the daily to-do list, sacrificing your own needs for those of the loved one, will lead to burnout, which not only doesn’t help you, it doesn’t help the one you’re caring for. Giving yourself permission to take a break is crucial to restoring yourself physically and mentally.

Everyone can find fifteen minutes…just fifteen minutes! Fifteen minutes to do something purely for you, every day, uninterrupted. Once begun, maybe you can build on the fifteen minutes and maybe not. But even if not, be sure to take the time – and savor it – everyday. Make it a ritual, which sets your body and mind up to use it to its best advantage. You need it. And you deserve it!

Here are some easy and effective ways to recharge.

  1. Step outside and breath some fresh air
  2. Read a book or magazine article
  3. Stretch or do some yoga
  4. Listen to music
  5. Meditate or pray
  6. Write your thoughts, doodle, or poetry in a journal
  7. Take a cat nap
  8. Enjoy a piece of cake
  9. Go outside and cut some flowers or fresh greens to bring inside
  10. Light a scented candle and have a cup of coffee or tea.

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