Sue’s Favorite Smoothie Recipe

11391103_954240151264975_7714586794217393978_nI have never been a fan of taking multi-vitamins for several reasons, cost, the neon colored urine, which seems unnatural, and honestly I forget to take the darn pills. For me making a smoothie is easy, I can control what I put into the smoothie and my urine does not change colors…….unless you add beets, which I don’t; I prefer to eat them.


Greens: A handful. I use Lacinato kale or spinach or a combination

Banana: ½

Blueberries: 6-10 berries I use frozen unless in season

Fresh fruit in season –you can still find watermelon and peaches now

Flax seed oil: one tablespoon

Cinnamon: one teaspoon

Turmeric powder: one teaspoon

Protein powder: I use 2 Tablespoons of plant-based protein

Almond milk: between ½ to one cup depending on the fresh fruit used and

desired consistency

Blend together and enjoy. 11401584_951767381512252_8341760167575151887_n

Greens: I prefer Lacinato Kale because I find it to be less bitter tasting then curly kale. Greens help detoxify the body, give you energy, help with digestion and strengthen the immune system.

Banana: Rich in Potassium and vitamin B6, helps support heart function.

Blueberry: An antioxidant and some Vitamin C

Flax seed oil: Omega 3 thus it helps lower cholesterol

Cinnamon: Supports heart health, known to lower cholesterol

Turmeric: Anti-inflammatory, reduces swelling effective for conditions such as gum

Disease and arthritis….keeps my hands from feeling tight




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