National Family Caregiver Month Day 14

Supermoon over India 2013


Today’s supermoon will appear much larger than usual because of its closer proximity to the earth.  Full and new moons coincide with higher than usual tides. Research on the moon’s effect on human beings is inconclusive, but  police or nurses, who work during a full moon, are convinced it does. One theory is that: since the moon affects the tides, and the human body is 55-70% water, perhaps we’re tidal as well, i.e. the moon’s gravitational pull affects us too. Nurses have noticed changes in a patient’s behavior, unexpected fevers, an increase in births. Some delivery rooms have extra staff on hand in case.

Sue Collins

I personally witnessed the separation of a surgical abdominal wound back in the 70’s while working evenings at a hospital during a full moon. As a new nurse that gave me pause but the good news I remembered to soak the area with normal saline pads before calling the on-call surgeon. The wound was repaired without incident.  So if caregivers notice any unexpected or unusual situations today, take note. Obviously call the doctor if something serious arises. Also note any subtle changes in yourself as well just for the sake of conscious observation. Regardless of the science it’s a curiosty worth considering; just ask a nurse. By ALL means go outside tonight and enjoy the suppermoon because the next will occur 2034!

What matters most?   Enjoy the supermoon and surrender to any changes.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Collins and Nancy Taylor Robson. All rights reserved


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