National Family Caregiver Month Day 16

Balance and calm


Yoga can be done purely for relaxation. Can’t get away to a class? Bring a class to your home through YouTube, Netflix, Amazon or buy a DVD. Start slow; you’re not in competition with anyone. Yoga is the opposite of ‘no pain no gain’ exercise.  It’s stretching, meditative. If you hurt: Stop! Listen to your body. You don’t have to force your body into a pose. Instead, go as far as you can comfortably go. You may be amazed at how much deeper you can go into a pose after only a few practice times. There are a variety of styles of yoga ALL of which increase flexibility, strength and balance. The good news is it’s free.

What matters most? Improving your flexibility and balance.

Stretches help both body and mind

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Collins and Nancy Taylor Robson. All rights reserved


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