National Family Caregiver Month Day 18


‘Aroma’ is scent and ‘therapy’ is treatment. Therapy through scent. Aroma stimulates smell receptors in the nose and sends messages to the part of the brain that controls emotions, so the ‘right’ scent stimulates good emotions. Scent more than anything else, can catapult you into a memory — the aroma of your grandmother’s apple pie can make you feel happy and safe, fresh basil can hark back to a peaceful garden, pine can evoke happy memories of the winter holidays. Inhaling the right scent (for you) can promote sleep, or enhance energy, or reduce stress.

You don’t have to buy expensive oils. Make your own with sliced apples, oranges, cloves or a piece of cinnamon stick in water and simmer on low over a stove.(don’t let it dry out and fry).  If you do buy oils but do not have a diffuser, no problem. Place a few drops on light bulbs and turn on the bulb to diffuse the scent. Add a few drops to a hot bath. Heck, taking a whiff of a spice in your kitchen is basic aromatherapy.aromatas

The benefits of some scents:

Rosemary = contentment

Lavender = calming

Peppermint = boost energy

Citrus = uplifting

What matters most? Creating a pleasant environment.

Copyright © 2016 by Sue Collins and Nancy Taylor Robson. All rights reserved


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