National Family Caregiver Month Day 20



“Courage is only an accumulation of small steps”   George Konrad

Sometimes taking the small step of asking for help when you need it seems overwhelming. But you, dear caregiver, are giving selfless service to your loved one. And we’re sure you already know how good it makes you feel to offer help and uplift to someone who needs it by saying the right thing, giving a hug or taking someone out to lunch? Makes you feel good and lighter in the chest. You breathe easier just because you know you’ve lifted someone else’s burden.

When you’re caring for someone 24/7 you may feel more burdened than you realize. You may begin to say to yourself; I am doing ALL the work, you (family members) never really help! You may struggle with new and unpleasant odors associated with caregiver.   (Open cups filled with ground coffee scattered about the room is great for asking unwanted odors for both you and your loved one).

You are doing so much, thinking about your loved one’s needs.  Stop and ask yourself: What do I need? A respite? A few hours to yourself? Someone to help out at least one day a week? Offer the opportunity to someone else to help lighten your burden.

It takes courage to ask someone for help — especially when there has been some push and pull between family members. But you could be pleasantly surprised. It’s important to make them aware of how the care you are providing has progressed. It may open up opportunities for others to pitch in. Take 3 deep breaths then ask.

What matters most? To have the courage to ask for help when you need it. mIt benefits your physical and mental health.


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