National Family Caregiver Month Day 24

Happy Thanksgiving

getfileattachment The 1994 edition of the Webster’s Dictionary defines thanksgiving as follows: 1.the act of giving thanks; grateful acknowledgment of benefits or favors, esp to God. 2. an expression of thanks, esp to God. 3. A public celebration in acknowledgement of divine favor or kindness.

Thanksgiving is a good day to reflect on gratitude, not forced but offered. Today roll it back to the basics, go back to the adage: it’s the little things that matter most.

Consider the five senses.

  1. Nose. Start with being grateful for the breath; so obvious and yet taken for granted. Smells wafting from the kitchen, flowers, perfume and COFFEE!
  2. Eyes that see colors, brightness, sunsets, faces, smiles and reflection in the mirror
  3. Ears that hear sounds, voices, music, laughter and silence
  4. Mouth that tastes, speaks, sings and kisses
  5. Hands hold, touch, pet, lift and applaud

Expanding from the five senses, consider health, focusing on the positive. Thanks for family, friends and extended family. For a new day, a pet to cuddle with,  for a warm bed, for shelter (thinking about those with none), for being a caregiver. Make a list in your journal at the end of the day. When you are having a difficult time, referring back to what you wrote can be beneficial.

What matters most? Being thankful for the small thingsimages-3
Copyright © 2016 by Sue Collins and Nancy Taylor Robson. All rights reserved




What matters most? Being connected!



Copyright © 2016 by Sue Collins and Nancy Taylor Robson. All rights reserved



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