National Family Caregiver Month Day 25

splash-ttam-2015-1-1Its Black Friday!

If you enjoy rushing through an open store door after standing in line all night (perhaps in the cold) to get ‘the big bargain’ more power to you! Different strokes for different folks makes the world go round. Before you get lost in traffic jams and frustrated crowds, consider this: While you are out doing holiday shopping for loved ones, don’t forget the family member who is a 24/7 caregiver!   Grab a gift and drop it off after shopping to show your appreciation for the good care they are providing a loved one. Do you have a loved one living in a long term care facility?   Pick up some of their favorite food and drop by for a visit. Have a meal delivered to the home of the caregiver and loved one. If you are visiting from out of town offer a respite to the caregiver or have someone provide respite and take the caregiver out to dinner and a movie.

What matters most? Remembering those family members making it possible for you to participate in Black Friday


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