Getting Rid of Caregiver Guilt

Doesn’t help anyone, especially the caregiver

We all have the guilt producing shoulda/coulda’s from time to time, but caregivers usually have the coulda/shoulda’s on a nearly daily basis. Yet  as caregivers we often forget that we too have legitimate and important needs.That fact is only really apparent when our own health suffers in the course of caregiving. Even then, sometimes, we still feel guilt over not giving our ALL!  If stress is too great and especially if our own health is suffering, we need to step back, take a more realistic view of what we have been doing and call in the reserves to help — and to make changes, even if they’re difficult. The article ( link below) on caregiver guilt in Today’s Caregiver, which awarded the 2016  Friendly Caregiver Award to our book, OK Now What? A Caregiver’s Guide to What Matters,  illustrates the point, and reiterates our suggestions for beating the guilt trip we often reserve for ourselves..


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