Reading Helps Stave off Loneliness

When I read that reading helps stave off lonelinessimages-1 in the newsletter for Today’s Caregiver, I was thrilled — partly because I love to read and partly because I’m a writer and publisher. Reading, according to Emily Dickinson, who knew something about spending a lot of time on her own, is like a frigate that ‘takes us worlds away.’  Books (paper, hardcover, electronic in which you can enlarge the print if need be) let us travel even if we can’t get out of the house, or the armchair, or the bed. It takes our minds to different places, lets us vicariously experience other lives, and keeps those ol’ synapses firing in ways that keep what could be a shut-in life an intellectually opened mind.


Sue’s and my book, OK Now What? A Caregiver’s Guide to What Matters (Head to Wind Publishing) is not like a novel, but it does have in it, along with the kind of practical, experience-based advice and tips that non-professional caregivers can use every day (and many desperately need), the stories of other caregivers and caregiving situations. Encouraging, sometimes poignant, sometimes enlightening stories. We all live on stories, whether they are the ones we tell ourselves about our own life, or those we listen to and learn from.  Stories matter in all walks of life.  Read more from through the link below.


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